Quantum Computing and Quantum Crypto

While the origins of Quantum Mechanics are one hundred years old, we are just now starting to use the strange theory in our technology.

Quantum Computing and Quantum Algorithms

Eventually the time has come for the research topic to enter the spotlight when Googles Quantum Computer demonstrated for the first time that it could perform a computation in minutes for which a classical supercomputer would take years, https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-019-1666-5. While the demonstration had rather theoretical relevance the first actual applications of quantum computers can be expected in the next years, as quantum simulations of molecular processes, and further applications following: https://physics.aps.org/articles/v12/112.
We are actively investigating the potential of quantum algorithms on NISQ (noisy intermediate scale quantum) computers, which may achieve in near time breakthroughs in calculations which are not yet accessible to current computers.

Quantum Crypto

Using natural laws of quantum mechanics, information can be transmitted provably secure, not just probably secure.

  • The technology has been developed quite far and there are even devices on offer by some manufacturers. There are some point-to-point communication links already in operation.
  • While the Quantum Internet is already under construction, it will take quite some time until it will be available to larger user numbers at a variety of locations.
  • Very promising is the capability of quantum systems to generate truly random numbers in large quantities. Current encryption protocols use random numbers to protect data and will be needed in ever increasing quantities. As our data volumes increase even more, our current methods to generate random numbers may be increasingly challenged, and quantum randomness may come to the rescue.


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