Security as Code

Cloud Computing and AI are driving a paradigm shift, which renders traditional security methods irrelevant. Security experts are catching up with the new reality and are adapting their methods to deliver security as code.

DevOps and CI/CD-Pipelines

Security practitioners know quite well that developers are well intentioned, but their hands are just too full to cover all security aspects. Security cannot wait until the deliverable comes out of the pipeline
We care are integrating security tooling into the pipeline and as we are developers ourselves, we can identify the “where” and “how” to provide a substantial reduction of risks with the least friction to the process.

Infrastructure as Code

Cloud makes it possible to deploy servers, network and storage from a mere description of what should be there. This new degree of automation enables organizations to deploy more infrastructure in a shorter time, and as a consequence, security inspections are struggling to keep up with the sheer volume.
We develop tooling to inspect the code, which deploys the infrastructure. As a result we can efficiently detect security issues in the deployments, and we can also predict beforehand, if some planned deployment would cause a security issue.

Machine Learning and AI

Big volumes of data are a necessary ingredient for Machine Learning and in consequence, concerns over security and privacy are quite common.
We have experience and knowledge to develop a security concept for your data, taking into account new technology and new use cases. Moreover, we can help you privacy


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