Our Service Offerings

Elephantshop is offering professional consulting for advanced information technology.
Current focus areas are Cloud Security, Software-as-Code and Quantum Computing.
If interested, please contact us.

Vision and Scope

In the majority of our engagements with clients, we jointly clarify the vision and then identify deliverables for the scope. We can deliver security concepts, security reviews, development of security code and research support in quantum computing.

Security Concepts for Cloud

Security concepts generally take the form of plans, which are centered around your cloud environment.
It can be delivered as a collection of documents, drawings, presentations, or your own specific formats.
It can comprise the whole or parts of the security analysis chain: From the information assets via threat analysis to security architecture and concluding with detailed prescriptions of security measures.
We can offer this currently for AWS and Azure up to the largest multi-account environments.
Our qualification is AWS Certified Solutions Architect with AWS Certified Security Specialty.


This can be any development work which is centered around security in cloud, DevOps, or CI/CD-pipelines.
It can be delivered as source code, configuration files, or as content in your specific tool.
It can cover the whole or parts of the development chain: From requirements analysis to solution specification via code design up to testing.
We can offer currently automated checks for AWS customized to your environment or for deployments based on CloudFormation.
Our qualification is CISSP and we are coding in nodejs.

Security Reviews or Audits

This can be a report about processes, configurations or systems in general, with the focus of information security.
The evaluation can be based on an international or national standard, or on your specific control set.
We can currently offer evaluations where focus areas are typically Identity and Access Management and Configuration Management Processes.
Our qualification is CISA and CGEIT of ISACA.

Research Support in Quantum Computung

We are very excited about the possibilities of quantum computing and would be happy to support you in pioneering applications of quantum algorithms. This could include modelling physical Hamiltonians with quantum algorithms, programming models with QC frameworks in Python, optimizing the adaption from the QC program to QC hardware and preparing test runs on quantum simulators.
Apart from currently freely available small scale systems, running algorithms on NISQ-like quantum computers and dealing with noise would be a very nice challenge, but would depend on your access to a quantum computer.
We have successfully completed the courses “The Hardware of a Quantum Computer” QTM2x and “Architecture, Algorithms, and Protocols of a Quantum Computer and Quantum Internet” QTM3x of DelftX.